Make Your Property Safer After a Storm

Get emergency tree services for your Bountiful or Farmington, UT property

Did a recent storm knock a tree onto your home or business? Blake's Trees offers emergency tree services in Bountiful & Farmington, UT to safely remove fallen or damaged trees from your property. Quick attention to downed trees reduces your risk of personal injury or further property damage. Our emergency tree contractors are reliable and can handle almost any job that doesn't involve high-voltage power lines.

Call 801-309-8211 to learn more about our emergency services.

Do you need emergency tree services?

Our emergency tree contractors work in all kinds of situations. You can call us when:

  • A tree has fallen onto your roof or vehicle
  • A downed tree blocks your driveway
  • A tree is leaning and showing signs of uprooting
  • Large branches are dropping frequently
Get the emergency tree services you need. Reach out to request residential or commercial service.